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15 Funny SMS Messages That Will Leave You Rolling

We all have the mother who shouts at us through capitalized text messages or no spaces, the friend who insists on letting out all their emotions behind a tiny phone screen, or the ex who accidentally sent you a message and then kept digging themselves in a deeper hole, and even our own autocorrect or unintended recipient mishaps.

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15 Best Songs of the 90s That Will Leave You Rocking

As a product of the 80s, I am by default a child of the 90s. This means you may catch me from time to time just rocking out alone in my kitchen to the best songs of the 90s, reminiscing about all the tamagotchis I accidentally abandoned, and wondering what happened to that cool kid at school who owned both an Easy-Bake Oven and a Power Wheels Jeep.

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15 Strange and Interesting Facts About Presidents

American presidents hold the most powerful position in the world. Yet, as much as we hold them in high esteem, we forget that behind the prestigious White House doors those mighty presidents are just as quirky and flawed as you and I; real people with real issues.

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15 Wallet Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day, your favorite day of the year is finally on the horizon and I’m sure you couldn’t be more excited to aimlessly wander the stores looking for that perfect gift to impress that beautiful gal of yours. In all likelihood you’ll be grabbing whatever red, pink or heart shaped bobble that pops out at you and that’s OK, I’m not judging, it’s not most guys thing and I get that.

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15 Fun & Funny Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Ladies, it’s that time of year again. February 14th is quickly approaching which means love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and let’s face it, most of our men are not marking off the days on their calendars in anticipation of this love filled holiday. Quite the opposite, this day will likely cause a bit of anxiety and dread in our doting sweethearts, as they’re weighed down by high expectations.