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15 Wallet Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day, your favorite day of the year is finally on the horizon and I’m sure you couldn’t be more excited to aimlessly wander the stores looking for that perfect gift to impress that beautiful gal of yours. In all likelihood you’ll be grabbing whatever red, pink or heart shaped bobble that pops out at you and that’s OK, I’m not judging, it’s not most guys thing and I get that.

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15 Fun & Funny Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Ladies, it’s that time of year again. February 14th is quickly approaching which means love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and let’s face it, most of our men are not marking off the days on their calendars in anticipation of this love filled holiday. Quite the opposite, this day will likely cause a bit of anxiety and dread in our doting sweethearts, as they’re weighed down by high expectations.

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15 Billionaires With Enough Money to Buy A Country

What would you do if you had so much money it would be almost impossible to spend it all? Buy a country of course!

We took billionaires off of the Forbes 400 (2014) and matched them up with the GDP of 15 countries to see what their fortunes might buy.

Hop out of the chopper and slip into some silk jammies. It’s time to see what kind of money it would take to buy a country.