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15 World War 2 Heroes Who Helped Shape History

These are 15 unsung heroes that between them saved thousands upon thousands of lives in one way or another during World War 2. If the lives they saved had been lost, would today have been different? Did they shape our history from then till now?

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15 Best Songs of the 90s That Will Leave You Rocking

As a product of the 80s, I am by default a child of the 90s. This means you may catch me from time to time just rocking out alone in my kitchen to the best songs of the 90s, reminiscing about all the tamagotchis I accidentally abandoned, and wondering what happened to that cool kid at school who owned both an Easy-Bake Oven and a Power Wheels Jeep.

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15 Strange and Interesting Facts About Presidents

American presidents hold the most powerful position in the world. Yet, as much as we hold them in high esteem, we forget that behind the prestigious White House doors those mighty presidents are just as quirky and flawed as you and I; real people with real issues.