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From the unimaginable to the laugh out loud hilarious. These lists will either leave you cringing and laughing.

The Too Modern Chair 0

15 Modern Chairs You’d Hate to Sit On

Nothing beats watching a movie, reading a book, or playing video games in your favorite comfy lounge chair. The following modern chairs however, probably won’t fit that same need. They’re a mix of art and mad science … not things that I’d trust my tush to.

Ice Skaters Falling 0

15 Videos That Prove Gravity Is Against Us

Ahhh gravity … you old dog! We love you for keeping our feet, mostly, planted firmly on the ground. Every once in a while, however, I’d swear you get a kick out of seeing us look like fools and writher in pain. Do you deny it? Well then, check out these videos that prove gravity is against us.

Fiji Mermaid 0

15 Most Bizarre Hoaxes in History

A hoax is something that is intentionally meant to fool people into believing something that has been made up to be true. During our history there have been many successful hoaxes and although many of them are intended to create the instigator wealth or fame, others seem to serve no purpose.

Facekinis 0

15 Unusual Chinese Customs That Will Surprise You

Many of us know that China houses one of the oldest cultures in the world, and yet their customs are often still unknown to the Western World. As one of the world’s largest players in the global economy, a major factor in many international wars, and a dominating presence throughout history, it is important that we all understand a few of the more interesting and unusual Chinese customs.

Sleepwalker Who Froze to Death 0

15 Sleepwalking Incidents That Will Leave You Speechless

Sleepwalking, contrary to its benign name, isn’t simply walking while asleep. While it only affects around 1%-15% of the general population, it is an intense behavior disorder that originates during a deep sleep. It should be no surprise that sleepwalking incidents can be pretty scary; enough to leave you speechless.