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15 World War 2 Heroes Who Helped Shape History

These are 15 unsung heroes that between them saved thousands upon thousands of lives in one way or another during World War 2. If the lives they saved had been lost, would today have been different? Did they shape our history from then till now?

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15 Sleepwalking Incidents That Will Leave You Speechless

Sleepwalking, contrary to its benign name, isn’t simply walking while asleep. While it only affects around 1%-15% of the general population, it is an intense behavior disorder that originates during a deep sleep. It should be no surprise that sleepwalking incidents can be pretty scary; enough to leave you speechless.

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15 Worst Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Tattoos can be a beautiful statement, an outward expression of inner passion! They can be inspiring works of art; tasteful, bold or simple. Most importantly to note, tattoos aren’t easily removed as they are virtually permanent. Unless you’re interested in forking over thousands of dollars for laser removal, you’d better make sure you don’t have the worst tattoo!

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15 Strange and Interesting Facts About Presidents

American presidents hold the most powerful position in the world. Yet, as much as we hold them in high esteem, we forget that behind the prestigious White House doors those mighty presidents are just as quirky and flawed as you and I; real people with real issues.

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15 Wallet Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day, your favorite day of the year is finally on the horizon and I’m sure you couldn’t be more excited to aimlessly wander the stores looking for that perfect gift to impress that beautiful gal of yours. In all likelihood you’ll be grabbing whatever red, pink or heart shaped bobble that pops out at you and that’s OK, I’m not judging, it’s not most guys thing and I get that.