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15 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Healthy

The one thing in life that we probably all hope for is good health. Another thing that we may not hope for but most of us will have to face is working in an office someplace. Therefore in order to try and maintain our health, we should try and make our office as healthy an environment as possible.

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15 Most Bizarre Hoaxes in History

A hoax is something that is intentionally meant to fool people into believing something that has been made up to be true. During our history there have been many successful hoaxes and although many of them are intended to create the instigator wealth or fame, others seem to serve no purpose.

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15 Exclusive World Traveling Luxury Yachts

The big luxury yachts of today can cost a lot of money and although the most expensive is the Baia 100 SUPREME at a cost of $4.8 billion, it is in a class of its own as its body is made from thousands of kilos of gold.