Author: Dan Bough

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15 Billionaires With Enough Money to Buy A Country

What would you do if you had so much money it would be almost impossible to spend it all? Buy a country of course!

We took billionaires off of the Forbes 400 (2014) and matched them up with the GDP of 15 countries to see what their fortunes might buy.

Hop out of the chopper and slip into some silk jammies. It’s time to see what kind of money it would take to buy a country.

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15 of the Most Scary Restaurants on Earth

I love to eat, especially at restaurants. I’m not particularly keen on being scared though so you may not see me at any of the places on our very first list (yay!).

While most people might associate being scared with haunted houses, these establishments aren’t all full of ghosts and goblins. They touch on fears that some of us find way more frightening that the boogey man.

Turn off all the lights, cover your head in a blanket, and get ready for 15 of the scariest restaurants on earth!