15 Things for Best Friends to Do in Thailand

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If you take a trip with a friend, chances are it’s one of your closest friends because traveling ( between planning, executing, and extended periods of time in the company of another person) can often be stressful.

For those who are fortunate enough to travel with their best friend, Thailand is a great place to go because it can cater to adventure, relaxation, exploration, and new experiences.

Here are some great things for best friends to do in Thailand that will definitely make lasting memories.

Deep Water Soloing

deep water solo


Forget cliff jumping, this is a whole new experience and if you mix up the two, the guides will make sure its cleared up!

Deep water soloing involves taking a boat into remote areas, climbing up an overhanging cliff ‘solo’ (no gear), and then climbing until you finally fall into the ocean or decide to jump. It may seem scary at first but it is difficult to get hurt as long as listen to your guides, and it will give you a unique view of the Thai ocean.

The best part—you can either follow your best friend along the cliff, or take turns sitting in the boat and cheering each other on!

Thai Cooking Class

cooking class


You’ve probably eaten plenty of pad thai in your life, but do you really know how to make it? There’s no better place to learn than from the master Thai chefs themselves!

Many cities in Thailand offer custom classes where you can choose a full three course meal or more, plus get a tour of the local fresh food market.

Rent Mopeds (Scooters)

rent moped


This is something to try in the countryside rather than the city, especially if you have never ridden a moped before.

You can either rent two and ride side by side, or rent one and hold onto each other while you explore the land. A great place to visit by moped is Pai, just outside of Chiang Mai.

Hike to a Waterfall



Thailand is filled with waterfalls and other natural landmarks that are worth seeing. Many of them you can swim under and this makes a long, hot hike in Thai humidity all the more worth it!

If you are looking for something simply scenic, the viewpoints atop many islands are also great hikes with rewarding landscapes.

Spoil Yourself

spoil yourself


Relaxation and restoration in Thailand is more affordable than nearly anywhere else in the world, which means you should spoil yourself!

One of the most memorable things to do in Thailand is to try an infamous Thai massage. You could also both splurge one night at a beachside resort or experience an exotic foot massage with fish that bite off all the dead skin!

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Katie Steinharter

Katie Steinharter

Katie Steinharter lives in Denver, Colorado but finds herself at home all around the world. She recently spent three months traveling through Southeast Asia and Australia, helping social enterprises and NGOs develop strategic marketing plans. Currently Katie is a freelance writer and marketing consultant for start-ups in Colorado. In her free time you may find her reading a book at her local cafe, on the backside of any Colorado ski resort, or just laying on a hammock in the backyard of her parents’ house in Maine.

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