15 of the Most Scary Restaurants on Earth

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I love to eat, especially at restaurants. I’m not particularly keen on being scared though so you may not see me at any of the places on our very first list (yay!).

While most people might associate being scared with haunted houses, these establishments aren’t all full of ghosts and goblins. They touch on fears that some of us find way more frightening that the boogey man.

Turn off all the lights, cover your head in a blanket, and get ready for 15 of the most scary restaurants on earth!

– Dan

Alcatraz E.R. – Tokyo

Alcatraz ER Restaurant


Enjoy drinking out of syringes and getting attacked in the dark in this prison hospital themed restaurant.

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant – Italy

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant


This renaissance era fortress is also a maximum-security prison where the inmates are put to work preparing your meal.

Dinner in the Sky – Various

Dinner in the Sky


If heights aren’t your thing you may want to avoid this dangling restaurant. Meals are served to guests who sit at a table 165 feet in the air.

Poogan’s Porch – Charleston, SC

Poogan's Porch


Zoe St. Amand has been seen roaming around this South Carolina establishment. The problem is she died in a mental hospital a long time ago.

Disaster Cafe – Spain

Disaster Cafe


You may not hear your stomach grumbling at this Spanish establishment. Disaster Cafe simulates 7.8 magnitude earthquakes while you eat.

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